Lacquered Challans Duck back on the menu

Challans Ducks are French ducks, which are raised for their lean and tender meat. The look of a Challans Duck is very much like that of a Rouen duck, except for having a white bib instead of a neck ring, and is also lighter in weight.

Sunday Brunch Menu

We are delighted to introduce our new Sunday Brunch menu – with the good weather we are having, there is no better way to spend the day than eating delicious food and people watching on Castlemarket Street. Dishes include:

Les oeufs benedicte €8.50
Eggs Benedict, Brioche, bacon and Hollaindaise sauce

Les oeufs florantine €8.50
Eggs Florantine, Sour dough bread, spinach and white sauce

Pain perdu au lard €7.50
Classical French toast with crispy bacon

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Our New Website

We are delighted to announce our new website – we hope to keep you up to date with all the news and specials running in La Maison. Stay tuned for more!